Who We Are


About the Duluth Preservation Alliance

We are a passionate group of Duluthians who want to see our city grow. Duluth’s historic architecture is a substantial part of Duluth, Minnesota’s heritage – Duluth has an extraordinary sense of place. We are partners in Duluth’s growth: sharing our knowledge with developers and community leaders. By enhancing our community’s architectural heritage, we make Duluth a more enjoyable place. Merging Duluth’s sense of place with modern conveniences, Duluth will thrive even more! The Duluth Preservation Alliance is here for Duluth!


Our logo: The D. Clint Prescott House

In 1888 D. Clint Prescott, secretary and general manager of the Marinette Iron Works Company, built this home for himself on 54th Avenue West in Duluth. It was razed in 1948. As described in Duluth’s Legacy, Vol. 1, the three-story home was a carnival of dormers and gables, porches and verandas carving and spindles, chimneys and towers, barge boards and lattices and gaily-dressed lightning rods. Nowhere on the house could the observer find a moment of visual rest.