News & Updates


News & Updates

Please join the Duluth Preservation Alliance for a presentation on a walking tour of the East End neighborhood of Duluth at the Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2310 East Fourth Street on Wednesday, February 22, at 7 pm. Dennis Lamkin will present.  Books of the tour will be available for purchase.  The event is free, but donations will be encouraged.

DPA Supports Restoration of Pastoret Terrace

Three proposals for renovation of the Pastoret Terrace property have been received from developers by the Duluth Economic Development Authority.  The DPA urges acceptance of a proposal that maintains the historic architectural integrity of this unique building.  See the Duluth News Tribune article: “Three would-be developers have submitted proposals to renovate the Pastoret Terrace building, formerly home […]

Historic Old Central in Duluth News Tribune

Crews are busy replacing Historic Old Central High School’s retaining wall — built in the 1890s — with the hope of holding back the hillside for at least another century. The retaining wall stretches the entire block in front of the former high school, now the Duluth public schools offices, on East Second Street and […]

Chester Creek Home in Duluth News Tribune

It really is a beautiful space. The upstairs sitting room in the Weintraub home near Chester Creek is reclaimed space. Over the years, owners of the home have opened up areas under the eaves once reserved as air space insulation. In the middle, on the Lake Superior side, is the sitting room — dominated by […]

This month in Duluth history

This month in Duluth history

This month in Duluth history 1. July 1, 1929: The Aerial Transfer Bridge’s gondola car crosses the canal for the last time. Veteran bridge operator James Murray, who reportedly teared up, was joined on the final trip by fellow operators William Maynard, Urban Nehring, Frank Lampert, and superintendent Leonard Green. Other dignitaries aboard included Mrs. […]

St. Mary’s Apartments and Central Hillside property in Duluth News Tribune

When Jackie and David Bensman first took over the St. Mary’s Apartments on Third Avenue East in 2006, the police had a message for them. “They told us, if nobody’s dead, don’t call,” Jackie recalls. It might have been an offhand remark, but it encapsulated the trouble found here. There were more than 300 calls […]

This month in Duluth history in Duluth News Tribune

1. June 2, 1874: Duluth’s South Breakwater Light burned for the first time. The light — an octagonal cast-iron lantern housing a fifth-order Fresnel lens — stood atop a wooden pyramid tower on south pier of Duluth’s three-year-old ship canal. It cast a red beacon visible 12.5 miles away. In 1877, the light was upgraded […]

Anneke Summer Home in Duluth News Tribune

Tom Wallin’s first memory of the family house on Park Point that he now calls home is the tall grass. It felt like an African jungle when his grandfather lived at the last home at the end of the point. He also recalls playing like pirates on a beached sailboat. And he remembers the cold. […]

2015 Preservation Award featured in Duluth News Tribune

The Duluth Preservation Alliance will present its annual awards Monday night for outstanding efforts to restore and maintain historic homes and structures in Duluth. The Lake Superior Zoological Society’s work to restore the Depression-era pavilion and enclose it to make it a three-season event center is among those projects being honored. Other plaques will be […]